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Individual Career, Season, and Game Records    
Category:Time Period:Record:Holder:Year(s):
PointsCareer (Forward)213Lee McClure04-07
Career (Defense)99Mitchel Green03-07
98PJ Kosir15-19
Season (Forward)93Jake Weideling14-15
89Mason Mikesch18-19
82Matt Green08-09
Season (Defense)41PJ Kosir18-19
38Mitchel Green06-07
Game (Forward)9Jake Weideling14-15
7Cole Gutterman18-19
Game (Defense)5Jonnie Ives14-15
5PJ Kosir18-19
Freshman (Forward)64Lee McClure04-05
Freshman (Defense)12PJ Kosir15-16
  GoalsCareer (Forward)135Lee McClure04-07
Career (Defense)29PJ Kosir15-19
25Zach Noble07-11
Season (Forward)58Mason Mikesch18-19
55Ethan Green16-17
53Troy Hoffman13-14
Season (Defense)14PJ Kosir18-19
Game (Forward)6Troy Hoffman(2)13-14
6Jake Weideling14-15
6Mason Mikesch18-19
Game (Defense)2Mitchel Green06-07
Matt Parker06-07
Zach Noble08-09, 09-10
Brandon Sanders13-14, 14-15
Jonnie Ives14-15, 15-16
Joey Duford17-18, 18-19
PJ Kosir18-19
Braden Cox18-19
Game (Freshman)5Mason Mikesch17-18
Power Play (Season)18Jake Weideling14-15
Short-Handed (Season)8Lee McClure06-07
In One Period5Austin Coleman2014-15
  AssistsCareer (Forward)104Matt Green06-10
Career (Defense)83Mitchel Green03-07
Season (Forward)52Cole Gutterman18-19
47Jake Weideling14-15
Season (Defense)33Mitchel Green05-06
Game (Forward)6Pavi Kullar08-09
5Cole Gutterman18-19
Game (Defense)5PJ Kosir18-19
Hat TricksCareer14Troy Hoffman13-14
Season12Troy Hoffman13-14
10Mason Mikesch18-19
PlaymakersCareer8Matt Green06-10
Season6Matt Green08-09
Plus/MinusCareer Forward (3 seasons minimum)+97Lee McClure04-07
Season (Forward)+77Mason Mikesch18-19
+69Cole Gutterman18-19
+47Lee McClure05-06
Career Defense (3 seasons minimum)+41Cody Leiher07-10
+41Mitchel Green03-07
+40PJ Kosir15-19
Season (Defense)+71PJ Kosir18-19
+53Joey Duford18-19
+47Braden Cox18-19
Penalty MinutesCareer301Mike Mazza
301Jack Belmonte12-16
Season176Jake Weideling13-14
GAACareer (25 games & 2 seasons minimum)2.36Kyle McClure06-07, 08-10
Season (10 game min.)1.74Kevin Bovair18-19
2.01Kyle McClure09-10
Save % Career (25 games & 2 seasons minimum)92.0Kyle McClure06-07, 08-10
Season (10 game min.)93.3Kevin Bovair18-19
92.8Kyle McClure09-10
Most SavesSeason (Current State Record)1154Brian Daniels 12-13
(Tied State Record)1154Brian Daniels 13-14
Career (Current State Record)4103Brian Daniels12-16
Career (Then State Record)2726Anthony Dann04-08
Most ShutoutsSeason5Brian Daniels13-14
5Gram Doherty17-18
5Kevin Bovair18-19
Individual Skill Records:Record:Holder:Year(s):
Speed & Stick Handling0:22:76Lee McClure2006-07
Fastest Skater (1 lap)0:15:23Lee McClure2006-07
Shooting Accuracy4 Targets in 4 ShotsLee McClure

Michael Murphy2005-06
Austin Coleman2011-12
Speed & Stick Handling (Goalie)0:28:47Eddie Davis2006-07
Fastest Skater (1 lap) (Goalie)0:18:46Brian Daniels2015-16
Shooting Accuracy (Goalie)4 targets in 7 shotsAnthony Dann2005-06

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