Schedule 2014-15

2014-15 Beavercreek Varsity Hockey Schedule

 2013-14 Season    
DateOpponentLocationResultRecordSWOHSHL Record
Saturday, Nov 9Dublin SciotoSouth MetroW 12-11-0-0-
Sunday, Nov 10OlentangyChiller NorthL 1-61-1-0-
Saturday, Nov 16TalawandaSouth MetroW 2-02-1-0-
Sunday, Nov 17ElderSports PlusW 5-13-1-0-
Saturday, Nov 23 @ CentervilleSouth MetroL 2-80-1-00-1-0
Sunday, Nov 24@ Worthington KilbourneChiller NorthL 7-90-2-0
Sunday, Nov 24@ Thomas WorthingtonChiller NorthW 6-51-2-0
Friday, Nov 29AlterKRCW 3-02-2-0
(Frozen Creek)
Friday, Nov 29MaumeeKRCW 2-03-2-0
(Frozen Creek)
Saturday, Nov 30North Canton HooverKRCL 0-13-3-0
(Frozen Creek)
Sunday, Dec 1North Canton HooverKRCL 1-63-4-0
Saturday, Dec 7Oxford-TalawandaSouth MetroL 1-43-5-00-2-0
Tuesday, Dec 10Gahanna LincolnNationwideL 4-73-6-0
Saturday, Dec 14TrinityIceland Sports ComplexL 0-23-7-0
Louisville, KY
Saturday, Dec 14U18 Louisville CardinalsIceland Sports ComplexL 2-63-8-0
Louisville, KY
Sunday, Dec 15TrinityIceland Sports ComplexT 5-53-8-1
Louisville, KY
Wednesday, Dec 18St. Xavier (Toy Toss Night)KRCL 2-53-9-10-3-0
Friday, Dec 20AlterKRCW 7-04-9-11-3-0
(Student Appreciation Night)
Friday, Dec 27TroySouth Metro SportsL 2-64-10-11-4-0
(Dayton Mayor's Cup)
Saturday, Dec 28CentervilleSouth Metro SportsL 5-74-11-11-5-0
(Dayton Mayor's Cup)
Sunday, Dec 29SpringboroSouth Metro SportsL 1-54-12-11-6-0
(Dayton Mayor's Cup)
Friday, Jan 3TroyHobart ArenaL 3-74-13-1
(Miami Valley Freeze Tourney)
Saturday, Jan 4FindlayHobart ArenaL 0-84-14-1
(Miami Valley Freeze Tourney)
Saturday, Jan 4JacksonHobart ArenaL 1-124-15-1
(Miami Valley Freeze Tourney
Sunday, Jan 51st vs 2nd, 3rd vs 4th,Hobart ArenaCancelled Due to Weather
Saturday, Jan 11@ TroyHobart ArenaT 2-24-15-21-6-1
Sunday, Jan 12@ AlterSouth MetroW 4-05-15-22-6-1
Saturday, Jan 18Olentangy Liberty "B"Hoover ArenaW 3-26-15-2
(Ehrnfelt Tourney)Strongsville, OH
Sunday, Jan 19SycamoreHoover ArenaW 3-07-15-2
(Ehrnfelt Tourney)Strongsville, OH
Sunday, Jan 19NormandyHoover ArenaW 6-18-15-2
(Ehrnfelt Tourney)Strongsville, OH
Monday, Jan 20Olentangy Liberty "B"Hoover ArenaW 4-19-15-2
Blue Division ChampionshipStrongsville, OH
(Ehrnfelt Tourney)
Friday, Jan 24@ SpringboroSouth MetroL 3-49-16-22-7-1
Saturday, Jan 25@ ElderSports PlusW 6-210-16-2
Sunday, Jan 26SycamoreKettering RecL 2-310-17-22-8-1
(Pink in the Rink Night)
Thursday, Jan 30Dayton Stealth U18Kettering RecW 7-011-17-2
Saturday, Feb 1Elder (Senior Night)Kettering RecW 10-112-17-23-8-1
Sunday, Feb 2@ Dublin SciotoDublin ChillerW 3-113-17-2
Friday, Feb 7TalawandaGoggin Arena Oxford, OHL 1-613-18-2
(SWOHSHL League Tourney)
41685SycamoreDispatch Ice HausL 0-113-19-2
(District Tourney)Columbus, OH

2014-15 Beavercreek Varsity Hockey Results

Date Opponent Place Time League/Result/SeasonRecord
Nov. 15-Sat Eastern HS Iceland Sports 2:15pm PreSn/ W 11-1  
16- Sun Louisville Trinity Iceland Sports 10:00am PreSn/  L 3-5  
21- Fri Olentangy Braves Chiller North 8:00pm PreSn/ L 3-4  
23- Sun Elder Kettering Rec (KRC) 4:10pm PreSn/ W 3-1
28- Fri Troy Kettering Rec (KRC) 9:10am N/ L 2-6 /   0-1 Frozen Creek
28- Fri Anthony Wayne Kettering Rec (KRC) 10:10pm N/ W 11-4 /1-1 Frozen Creek
29- Sat Maumee Kettering Rec (KRC) 9:10pm N/ W 12-1/ 2-1 Frozen Creek
30- Sun Anthony Wayne
Kettering Rec (KRC) 10 or 12 N/ W 7-1 /  3-1 Frozen Creek: DNP-Indian Hills
Dec. 5-Fri Talawanda Goggin “B” 5:45pm Y/ L 0-5 / 3-2
6- Sat Elder Cinci Gardens 10:00am Y/ W 9-1 / 4-2
7- Sun LaSalle Cinci Gardens 6:30pm Y/ W 12-1/ 5-2
12- Fri St. Xavier Cinci Gardens 8:00pm Y/ L 2-5/ 5-3
19- Fri Alter Kettering Rec (KRC) 10:10pm Y/ W 3-0/ 6-3 *Pack the House/Student Appreciation
20- Sat Centerville South Metro 7:00pm N/ L 1-4/ 6-4
26- Fri Springboro Kettering Rec (KRC) 10:10pm Y/ L 1-8/ 6-5 Mayor’s Cup
27- Sat Troy Kettering Rec (KRC) 3:10pm Y/ L 2-5/ 6-6 Mayor’s Cup
28- Sun Centerville Kettering Rec (KRC) 11:10am Y/ W 7-1/ 7-6 Mayor’s Cup
Jan. 2-Fri Troy Hobart Arena 6:00pm N/ L 3-9/ 7-7 Miami Freeze Tournament
3- Sat Findlay Hobart Arena 9:00am N/ L 2-7/ 7-8 Miami Freeze Tournament
3- Sat Jackson Hobart Arena 8:30pm N/ W 6-4/ 8-8 Miami Freeze Tournament
4- Sun N. Kentucky
Hobart Arena 2:30pm N/ W 6-3/ 9-8 Miami Freeze Tournament
9- Fri LaSalle South Metro 8:00pm N/ W 7-2/ 10-8 Winter Classic
10- Sat Lakota East South Metro 8:30am N/ L 0-9/ 10-9 Winter Classic
10- Sat Elder South Metro 8:00pm N/ W 5-0/ 11-9 Winter Classic
11- Sun Lakota East South Metro 11:00am N/ L 2-5/ 11-10 Winter Classic
14- Wed Gahanna Nationwide Arena 2:00pm N/ L 2-5/ 11-11 *Jackets vs Canadians game at night
17- Sat Kalamazoo Blades Strongsville 9:00am N/ L 2-6/ 11-12  Ehrnfelt Tournament
17- Sat Fairview Strongsville 5:00pm N/ W 4-2/12-12  Ehrnfelt Tournament
18- Sun Strongsville Strongsville 9:00am N/ W 5-4/13-12  Ehrnfelt Tournament
19- Mon Strongsville Strongsville 7:30am N/ W 6-3/14-12  Ehrnfelt Tourney-3rd place game
23- Fri Sycamore Sports Plus 7:00pm Y/ W 4-0/15-12
24- Sat Elder Kettering Rec (KRC) 5:10pm Y/ W 2-1/16-12 *Pack the House Night/Pink In The Rink
25- Sun Sycamore Kettering Rec (KRC) 11:10am Y/ W 2-1/17-12 * Teacher Appreciation
30- Fri Louisville Trinity Kettering Rec (KRC) 10:10pm N/ W 5-2/18-12 *”The Crease” Student Appreciation Night: Post Game Pizza w/ the Team
31- Sat Alter South Metro 3:30pm Y/ W 3-2/ 19-12 *Alter Senior Night
Feb. 7-Sat LaSalle Kettering Rec (KRC) 9:10pm Y/ W 8-0/20-12 *Senior Night/11pmAlumni Hockey Game
12-Thurs St. Xavier Cincinnati Gardens  6:00pm  N/L 0-3/ 20-13  SWOHSHL League Tournament
21- Sat Troy Nationwide Arena  12:30pm  N/L 4-6/ 20-14  Ohio State Tournament- Districts





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